How long will I wear them? - Getting Braces

How long will I wear them?

How long do Braces take?

You can be assured that treatment time will be kept to a minimum due to our use of the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment systems (see types of braces).

For long-term stable results treatment the expected average is 12-15 months of treatment (approximately 6-7 visits). While we value fast treatment, it is important to ensure an excellent, stable result. There is no point removing braces prematurely only to compromise the result.

The amount of time needed varies so greatly between individuals because some people's teeth will move faster or slower than the average.  It is a bit like how individuals have different metabolic rates. Certain tendencies and habits (like strong jaw muscles and a tooth clenching habit) can sometimes impact treatment time. Once your treatment is underway estimates of the remaining time will become more and more accurate as we get a feel for how your teeth are moving.

We can discuss your estimated treatment time at your assessment appointment.


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