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Getting braces put on

Firstly, we confirm your choice of braces. We have several different types of clear braces as well as modern titanium braces - either with colours, or if you prefer, 'self-ligating' braces like Damon that allow the wire to be 'clipped down' into place. We will explain the pros and cons of each choice so that you can make a decision that best suits your lifestyle. 

 Once this decision has been made, you can relax into one of our comfy reclining chairs and let the magic begin! 

  1. The first step is to prepare your teeth - we give them a good clean using something similar to an electric toothbrush, and then paint on and wash off some different preparation solutions to leave us with a good, clear surface for bonding. 
  2. The next step is the careful placement of the braces on your teeth by the orthodontist. The exact location of the braces on the tooth will help determine the final outcome. Braces positioning takes skill, knowledge and an ability to visualise and predict future movements - knowing the way forward from the outset ensures a shorter time in braces as well as a superior outcome overall. Your orthodontist's thoughtfulness at the initial stages of treatment is one factor that separates a competent orthodontist from an excellent one. 
  3. Once the braces are all in position they are set with a particular wavelength of blue light which activates the glue. This is good news - no lying around waiting for the glue to set! 
  4. After the braces are set the wire is placed and either clipped in, or held in place with braces colours. 
  5. The final step (after you have admired the new braces in the mirror) is to be given a braces care pack, and to be given plenty of handy information on how the braces will fit into your life.

The following video demonstrates how braces are applied:


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