I’m getting braces this week – what should I do to prepare? - Getting Braces

I’m getting braces this week – what should I do to prepare?

1) Write down any questions you may have and take them with you to your appointment.
2) Have some mild pain relievers on hand (whatever you would take for a headache)
3) Stock up on some soft foods for those first few days while you are adjusting to your new braces.  As soon as you feel ready you can resume a normal diet.  Some recommended soft foods are:

Soft-cooked meats, soft-cooked vegetables (e.g. spinach, mashed beans, mashed potato) soups, soft casseroles, meatloaf/meatballs, pasta, smooth yogurt, custard, soft bread without crusts, soft muffins without nuts or chunks, soft cheese (like Brie), soft cakes, tortillas, pancakes, cous cous, noodles, rice, soft mashed fruits - avocado, mashed banana, cooked apple, fruit juice.


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