What is an orthodontist? - Getting Braces

What is an orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is a dentist who has completed an additional three years of full-time University education to specialise in the assessment, prevention and correction of irregularities in tooth and jaw relationships and deformities of the face produced by aberrations in both facial growth and development and tooth eruption.

Orthodontists, like Dr. Fine, have traditionally been concerned with the correction of improper tooth alignment and occlusion (bite) primarily by movement of the teeth with braces. In recent years, new techniques and a better understanding of growth and development have given orthodontists the ability to not only move teeth, but to modify poor skeletal and neuromuscular growth patterns.

This results in a better bite, a nicer looking smile and a more pleasing facial structure.

In some instances when the bite is too far off to be corrected with orthodontic treatment alone, an optional surgical procedure may be considered. In these situations the Orthodontist works closely with an Oral Surgeon to help achieve an optimal outcome for the patient.

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