Braces for Kids - Getting Braces

Braces for Kids

While some kids are excited to get their braces on, others a a bit unsure about how it will look or feel. The good news is that braces are easier to wear then ever before, and Dr Fine uses only the very latest, modern braces available. So your braces will be fast, comfortable and as nice-looking as possible.

We have a great range of braces to suit you, no matter what your preference! We have braces which are small, or hard to see (e.g. clear braces), as well as light-weight titanium metal braces with a range of funky colours to go on for you to make a more individual statement.

You can change your braces colours at every visit. Some kids choose colours to match the season, a current celebration (like Halloween), a sporting team or just their favourite colour/s. See the range of colours available.

How do you know if you are ready for braces? A visit to the orthodontist is the only way to tell. Most kids will have the most straightforward and easy treatment if they start at about 10-12 years old, but not always.

An Early Visit (about 7 years old) to begin monitoring your growth and development is often beneficial.

Either way, finding out which braces are right for you, and whether or not you are ready to start them, means contacting us for an assessment.


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